How to Re-Style Your Home


You've got what it takes!

Have you ever googled "how to redecorate a room," or "how do I re-style my home?" You are not alone, and I want you to realize something: You've got what it takes!

Yes, you!  Sometimes you just need help pulling it all together.  That doesn't mean you need to go out and have a huge shopping spree purchasing all sorts of knick knacks, furnishings and other stuff.  No!  I repeat, you probably have about 85-90% of what you need right there in your home.

Have you ever noticed that looking at something from a different angle can make all the difference in the world?  Just think of the blue vs. gold dress.  So yes, you have been looking at your room or home through the same lens day in and day out.  You might see it one way, and you cannot see the beautiful gem hidden beneath your daily rubble. 

Sometimes it's something as simple as re-arranging the furniture, or shaking things up--taking everything off all the shelves and starting fresh by mixing it up.  But wait..."I would never have put that there, yet...I love it!"  I hear this all the time when staging homes. 

Here is a strategy:

Look at your room through the eyes of a stranger.  How does it feel?  Imagine you were a design professional, what would you do? No seriously, try it.

Ask a friend what they might change.

Skim through magazines, pinterest boards and instagram for inspiration.

Add new throw pillows or a fluffy throw - tip:  if you want to brighten a room, light colored throw pillows and/or throw really make a huge difference.

Think:  "Less is more."  Yes, it's true, it really is.  Negative space is a thing.  Your treasured objects are important, but also important is the negative space surrounding these items.  Let them breathe, I say! 

Mix and match textures.  The way is not to be matchy-matchy anymore.  It is fine to juxtapose wicker with sleek metal with crystal with beautiful pottery with fluffy pillows with woven throws or fabrics.  Do you see where I am going here?

Don't forget to add a touch of green.  Throw out those silk plants and let nature do something great for you.  Natural plants invigorate a space with life, oxygen, and add a fresh component to your home. 

Want more?  Take a look at this case study video for more ideas.